Hanou Conference is an international business conference organizer which is organizing conference in different subjects and regions in the world. Our experienced team includes industry managers, university professors and strong traders. We try to make promote your business, high qualifies and quantities by sufficient networking.

Generally, buy and sale is takes long time and too much costs for Buyers and Sellers to find each other’s in sufficient position. It may take’s times several months or years with many hundred thousand dollars to make network and do trustable business with many Buyers and Sellers.

However, Hanou Conference will give you this opportunity to make networking and do business in short time with low cost between more than 500 participants in every conferences.

Producers, traders and many services companies with many other participants can exchange a lot of information and experiences only in two days. Therefore, easily they connect to international markets and will be famous by international branding in global.

Sponsors and Delegates have special opportunities to be seen by other participants. Also, they will have table, more advertisements, recognition in opening, VIP speech and even can have VIP rooms, and many attractive offers to be branded through international branding by conference facilities.


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