Hanou Conference is an international business conference organizer which organizes conference on a variety of subjects, in many regions of the world. Our experienced team includes industry managers, university professors and strong traders. We are able to promote your business, with highly qualified persons and sufficient numbers needed through networking.

Generally, purchases and sales takes a long time at a large costs for Buyers and Sellers to find each other at the right place and time. It may take several months or years with many hundred of thousand of dollars to create a network and find trustworthy business partners with the necessary Buyers and Sellers.

However, Hanou Conference is pleased to offer you this opportunity to network and do business in a short span of time at a lower overall cost with more than 500 participants in every conferences.

Producers, traders and a large number of services companies, along with many other participants will provide you with a large networking base that will enable you to exchange information and experiences in just two days. Therefore, an easy and productive way to connect to the international markets and being known through global international branding.

Sponsors and Delegates have special opportunities to be seen by other participants. They will have a specific table, more advertisement opportunities, recognition in the opening ceremony , VIP speech, an opportunity for VIP rooms, and many other attractive offers that can be branded through international branding by the conference facilities.

We are pleased to inform you that the Embassy of some countries in Nigeria, Middle East and well known names in the industries, Government, Regulatory agents accepted honorary patronage of this event and supports our initiative and our efforts regarding this Conference.

The seminar’s preliminary programme is as follows:

Welcome coffee

I.1. Introductory speech and words of welcome from the Ambassador

I.2. Introductory speech by the representative of the Ministry of WORKS Department of construction

I.3. Introductory speech by the representative of the  Nigeria Information and Foreign Investment Agency

I.4. Introductory speech by Director  of  NNPC/DPR

I.5. Presentation  and remarks from company Experts, representatives  of the offered range of products, technologies, solutions.                                

 Conference room is fitted with multimedia equipment and other elements required to hold a presentation

 Individual meetings with interested conference participants of companies in the industries will be held.